Are You Looking for an ESD Safe Way to Remove Conformal Coatings from Components or Printed Circuit Boards?

CCRCo products are used worldwide in electronic repair when the removal of conformal coating is required. All branches of the US military use our conformal coating removal workstations in their repair depots. The cost of using CCRCo workstations save you $$$ because we are the only manufacturer who supplies systems where our cutting media is reusable.

Besides being the world's leading suppliers of Conformal Coating Removal Workstations, we have taken our expertise one step farther, and now offer a Conformal Coating Removal Service. So now, if you have an engineering change that requires that coating be removed from just a few components - or an entire board - you have a cost effective, safe alternative to performing this function in-house. Or course, we remove all types of coatings, including Acrylic, Epoxy, Parylene, Silicone, and Urethane.

Remember, CCRCo is the only manufacturer of printed circuit board Conformal Coating Removal Workstations that are truly ESD safe.



The CCR2000 has become the favored means of conformal coating removal by all maintenance sites that have one available. Maintenance man-hours saved, by allowing the quick and safe removal of conformal coating from avionics circuit cards prior to testing, insures the CCR2000 a place in circuit card maintenance.


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