Conformal Removal Services

Streamline Your Production Process Let Us Remove Your Conformal Coatings!

For over 10 years CCRCo has been recognized as the experts in manufacturing ESD safe conformal coating removal workstations. Clearly we know what we're doing.

So if you have boards with conformal coating that needs to be removed, for whatever reason, we can do the job. A few of the reasons for the need to remove conformal coatings are: engineering changes, improper application of the coating, and improper curing of the conformal coating.

No job is too small: 1 board or too big: we have removed coating from 22,000 boards.

Our service is very cost effective and our turn around time is quick.

When it comes to conformal coating removal experience, expertise, and service, CCRCo has the knowledge. Why not put us to the test? We promise you won't be disappointed.

Contact us for a quote on your requirements.

CCRCo removes all types of coatings, including:

• Acrylic

• Epoxy

• Parylene

• Silicone

• Urethane

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