Eliminating ESD

How Do We Eliminate ESD?

To eliminate ESD with "bead blasting" technology requires a total system design concept. True ESD elimination cannot be achieved by adapting an off-the-shelf metal de-burring machine. CCRCo's Workstations are statically controlled to insure the protection of components on printed circuit boards during the conformal coating removal process. We do this by:

  • Using a state-of-the-art, in-line, air/nitrogen ionizer with tungsten emitters and auto-balancing. This ionizer is incorporated into our workstations, which decreases the need for calibration to approximately four years (vs. monthly with standard ionizer bars).

  • Combining the auto-balanced ionizer with our specially designed nozzle, feeding ionized air into the media stream just before it leaves the nozzle, thus eliminating any ESD charge that has built up in the media chamber.

  • Formulating a special thermo-set acrylic plastic media to be as ESD safe as technically possible. When our media is mixed with ionized air you get typical ESD readings in the single digits.
  • Designing our workstations to take ionized air and send it through a manifold just above the arm holes in the front of the unit. This floods the entire work chamber with ionized air, eliminating any possible static buildup, and neutralizing the ambient air that might enter the work chamber. This ensures that all elements in the work chamber (i.e. inside surfaces, nozzle, viewing hood, lights, gloves, media, printed circuit board and operator) are free of an ESD charge.

  • Fitting the work chamber with a conductive mat attached to an external post located on the front of the unit, providing a connection point for a wrist strap.

  • Constructing the workstation cabinet with ESD conductive laminate. The laminate, media chamber, static resistant mat, and operator are all connected together. An external terminal is supplied on the side of the unit for connection to your house equipment ground. Doing this guarantees that all work area surfaces are static free.

  • Including a ground monitoring system that constantly monitors to see if the operator, workstation, and your house ground are all connected. If the circuit is broken, you will receive an audible beep and flashing red LED.

  • Including a built-in ESD voltage meter (CCR2000 workstations only). This is connected to the inside of the work chamber and attached by clip to your printed circuit board, directly reading the ESD voltage being generated (as the conformal coating is removed). CCRCo is the only manufacturer with the confidence to supply you with true ESD readings!

  • By building in these features, CCRCo guarantees you will generate ESD voltage levels far below the requirements set by private industry—or any US Government Agency.

    Why take a chance and ruin hundreds–if not thousands–of dollars worth of product? CCRCo is clearly the only choice for true ESD safe conformal coating removal.

    Contact us today with confidence that your conformal coating removal process will be static free.

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